As a roastery, we know very well that cooperation with cafes, restaurants, bars or wholesale customers is just as important as our product. Therefore, cooperation with us includes not only the sale of coffee, but also consultancy, the possibility of private cuppings, help in acquiring equipment, setting up cafes and much more.

Why work with us ?

  • Our prices start at 16 per kilo taxless
  • You will always get fresh coffee at the best quality
  • We will personally deliver your orders within Bratislava
  • We can assist in acquiring the right equipment for you
  • Our team will help you with the training of your staff
  • we have more than 8 years of experience in sourcing and roasting coffee
  • We offer year-round blends and single origin coffees for espresso and a filter offer that changes monthly


Kristina Jordanovska
Kristina Jordanovska
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Very nice specialty coffee place and roastery! The staff was really knowledgeable and eager to explain about the different coffee beans they are selling. They have different options for preparing coffee. There is wifi. They have some merchandise like tote bags, badges, stickers for coffee lovers.
Sophie Sloboda
Sophie Sloboda
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Probably the best coffee in Europe! As a coffee lover I can say that the coffee is absolutely amazing, probably the best you can get in Europe. Cozy atmosphere and a Wonderful service, the lady that served us is very kind and friendly. My boyfriend and I had an americano, an espresso and a cappuccino. Im definitely coming back to buy more. Dakujem velmi pekne:)
Torey Marshall
Torey Marshall
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You must come!!!! Now best in Brats!!! They roast their own, and there is totally no better fresh, deep, warm flavour of coffee in town. Fresh roast....omg omg omg.... This is global standard.

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