SweetDrip x Kenya

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Drip coffee bag or pour over coffee bag, which is effectively a single-serve pour over coffee brewer. These first appeared in Japan in the early 1990s, but are now becoming popular with specialty coffee brands around the world.

Instead of using a V60 or Melitta-type pour over brewer, the user simply unfolds tabs on either side of the bag and hangs it on their cup. This gives more discerning consumers the opportunity to make pour over coffee without having to grind and measure it.


Moses Kamura Nganga is a small farm owner and grows primarily SL28 in Kiambu Kenya. He’s someone who had previously delivered coffee fruit to a co-op local to him, but he is one of many growing disenfranchised with his and his family’s hard work literally getting blended with so many other deliveries. This is single estate lot.

Three short years ago, in 2018, Kahawa Bora millers opened in Thika, Central Kenya. They have a mandate to act as a service provider for smaller estates and smaller independent producer collectives who want an alternative to the cooperative model.

Tasting notes: fruity profile, tangerine, red berries and tree tomato

Pack of 5×12 gr single serve drip coffee filters

Weight0,06 kg
Dimensions20 × 6 × 20 cm