Ethiopia Dubale Dukamo | natural

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Halo Beriti washing station offers floral, high acidity, and juicy Yirgacheffe coffees, either washed or natural. Besides managing the washing station, Abeyot, the owner of the station, is a coffee smallholder himself.

Tasting notes: mandarine, lemon, floral, blueberry, peach, pineapple, raspberry, clean, juicy

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Ethiopia Dubale Dukamo | natural

This lot comes from the 26 smallholders that make up the Dubale Dukamo producer group. Farms are located in the Dambi area of Sidama regional state near to the town of Bensa.

2 staff are employed full time the year round with an additional 10 during the harvest months of mid October to January. The large coffee growing area covers 66 hectares and the main varietal grown is 74158. The area benefits from a very high elevation of up to 2200 metres and the coffee grows under a canopy of native shade trees like false
banana and other shade giving perennials.

Farmers here are conscious of their environment and are particularly focussed on water conservation due to the erratic rainfall experienced over all the coffee areas of Ethiopia during the 2021/22 season. Around where the coffee grows the farmers create ridge irrigation to help the soil moist and nutrient rich. Organic fertiliser is added to the base of the tree which consists of discarded coffee cherry pulp with manure and other prunnings.

This lot is naturally processed and sun dried on raised beds before going to the Yosef dry mill for hullinf and sorting. Farmers are provided with pre financing payments during the off season, then paid on volume of cherry delivered to collection sites. A second payment is then made, usually in September ahead of the new harvest season. The farm gate price paid to farmers for this lot was 54-65 Ethiopian Birr per kg of red cherry. With the changes to export laws in Ethiopia, producers are now able to market their coffee directly, however this can be very challenging
and few have the access to capital to make this happen.

producer: Buriso Amaje
region: Sidama, Bensa, Ethiopia
variety: local heirloom
process: natural
drying: on african beds

Tasting notes: mandarine, lemon, floral, blueberry, peach, pineapple, raspberry, clean, juicy, delicate

SCA 87

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