Colombia San Vicente | washed

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This coffee comes from a selection of producers located in Inza and Paez, found in the region of Cauca. All coffees have  scored over 85 points.

Descriptors: Dried fruit, apricot, raisins

Sca: 86,5 points

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This coffee is produced by smallholders who are members of OCCICAFE Cooperative from San Vicente municipality, 10 km awayfrom La Plata, Huila. OCCICAFE has focused on improving its practicesand quality steps since 2015.

Coffee farmers from this region deliver their coffee to the OCCICAFE lab where each lot is classified as commercial, regional, regional plusor micro lot. Coffees that meet the regional plus standard need to cup above 85 points and moisture content must be between 10-11%. Coffees are sun-dried.


In the washed process the fruit is removed from the seed as soon as possible after picking. The cherries are floated and sorted to ensure consistent ripeness levels, before being run through depulpers—machines that squeeze the fruit between rollers until the seeds pop out.

Caturra and Castillo Varietals

Caturra is a natural mutation of the Bourbon variety. It was discovered on a plantation in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil sometime between 1915 and 1918.

Caturra like bourbon is known to be sweet, complex, and crisp. The caturra plant, however, has been modified to have a smaller plant size with berries that mature quickly, producing a higher coffee bean yield.
The Castillo coffee variety is controversial. On one hand, it’s rust-resistant. On the other hand, coffee professionals are wary of the fact that its parents include Robusta-Arabica hybrids. Castillo is known for its smoothness, aroma, and citric acidity and can have similar qualities to Typica, Caturra, and Bourbon

Varietal: Caturra/Castillo

Region: Huila, San Vicente

Altitude: 1700m

Harvest: 2022

Tasting notes: tangerine, floral, molasses, red fruit hints


200 gr., 500 gr., 1000 gr.


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